Zachary Schneiderman
Farmers Insurance Agent

A big thank you to Reeva Rivkin of Rivkin Insurance for her assistance with my company’s insurance plan.  Reeva was able to get us a similar plan to our existing coverage, with the same carrier, but was able to save us roughly $900/month.  The savings of roughly 10k/year has allowed me to bring on additional staff and grow my business.  Reeva responded promptly to each and every call from  me and worked quickly to get my insurance in place by our deadline.  I highly recommend Reeva Rivkin for any Health Insurance, Disability Insurance and Long Term Care needs.

Roger Rignack
LifeSource Water Systems Inc

Reeva was so integral in helping me understand my options through Covered CA. I am so glad I had Reeva to call and ask questions. She was critical in navigating through the various insurance packages for myself and my son. She thoroughly explained the differences of each plan and what would make most sense for me in my situation. I was also very impressed with her follow up and care to make sure my questions were answered and that I got the right plan. Now my son and I are covered with Blue Shield through Covered CA. Thank you Reeva!

Nava Skolnik
Concrete Creations

One of the best things about Reeva is that when she gives you her opinion about what to do with your health insurance, her opinions will be based on what is the best for you, regardless of whether you are a client or not.
So you might just hear from her what I did, “You are better off JUST staying where you are.” Now that’s integrity! You are the best Reeva!

Bruce Berman
Senior Development Professional

Reeva is the answer to your health care insurance concerns. I went from employer sponsored health care to Medicare and all the appropriate addon’s. If I had to do it by myself it would never have gotten done. She is simply the best..she advised me, fought on my behalf and managed to get me to exactly where I needed to be with the right health care plans for me.
I cannot say enough about how knowledgeable she is, about how much experience she has and how she looks after your best interests and commits whatever time is required to get the job done.

Carole Kimmel
Office Manager at Breakaway Press

Reeva’s professionalism and expertise has been an incomparable help for me, personally, and our company as a whole. If you have insurance questions, there is no one more qualified to help.

Brigitte Richard
Are You Lacking Business and Referrals? – Ask me for a FREE test drive 323-203-2616

Reeva has not only a great personality but she’s very professional.
She does thorough homework and ensures all aspects are taken into account. She provides an excellent service and will answer any question you have on medicare. You can count on her to take great care of her clients.

Kathy Orr
Real Estate Agent at Prudential California Realty – Thousand Oaks, CA – Specialist in Westlake Hills

Reeva is a true professional who is knowledgable about every detail and aspect of the insurance business. She not only provides wonderful service but she sincerely cares about each of her clients and looks out for their best interest. Reeva is as trustworthy and dependable as they come and I highly recommend her to all of my friends.

Les Strahm
Experienced Income Development

Reeva provides the insurance services that is lacking in so many professionals today. Great service and excellent follow up!!

David Raimondo
Business Development Manager

I would recommend Rivkin insurance services for anyone looking for health coverage. They have been agent health care for the last seven years with the company I was working for. I found them very knowledgeable about the changes in the health care industry. Every time I had a question or needed support in contacting our health care provider, they were there to help. They are there today to help me transition my health coverage, since I left the company.

Yael Segal
CFO – Nastec International

Reeva Rivkin is my insurance agent, but more than that – she is a friend. Reeva has been our health insurance agent for our companies for the past 7 years. Reeva has handled each and every insurance issue that has arisen with our employees, and my family, in an professional, generous and outstanding manner. She works effectively and acts as a liaison between our companies and the medical insurance provider. Reeva goes above and beyond from what we have learned to expect from any other vendor. She is knowledgeable and she cares. Reeva does whatever it takes to ensure complete satisfaction for her clients. I recommend Reeva Rivkin to any person or company, from single employee to medium and large companies, seeking excellence and professionalism in their insurance broker.

Maureen Vaccaro
Admin/HR at Aptek Laboratories, Inc.

Reeva Rivkin has always been a conscientious and thorough insurance agent, not only for our personal (family) health insurance but also for our employees’ health plans. We greatly value her honest and dilgent work ethic. Her accessibility and dependability are qualities that few today have in the service professions. She is knowledgeable and she cares. Her people skills are wonderful. She is compassionate and she takes time to explain insurance policies and coverage. She works effectively to interface with insurance companies on the behalf of her clients, no matter what the question is.

Craig M. Podell
Private Party

Dear Mrs. Rivkin, Seldom do I ever criticize or make a complaint about a worker. If their employer is not on the ball, I let that business wallow in its inability. Instead, I believe in showering much deserved compliments on those who go that extra distance in their investigation, preparation and presentation of my needs. Reeva, you are that person. When I recognized my need for Medi-Gap Insurance, my friend, Zach, told me to give you a call. I am grateful to Zach that he “turned me on to you.”  WOW, I am so appreciative. You know your business. When I became a Producer of Commercial Insurance, I sold property and casualty products. One of my first self-help books that I read was “Raving Fans.” You have created a Raving Fan with your effort to go the extra mile. A simple phone call is nice, but a letter lasts a lifetime. The only thing better than your effort on my behalf is the honesty in your presentation. For that, I am most grateful. Thank you. You are a diamond in the rough! Sincerely, Craig M. Podell